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I have since 2001 performed a large number of public art and design assignment in the construction (building) sector (so called murals). I also work with big restorations in cultural-historical buildings and in theater and film productions as a decorator painter.

Jobs and projects

2011-2018 Celander AB
Art painting, restoration and design at Celander AB

2003-2011 Linnémålarna
Starts and runs the company Linnémålarna, along with three colleagues. We perform a large number of painted embellishment and restoration assignments in private and public spaces.

2009-2016 Hede Ateljé.
Decor painter at Hede Ateljé. The company makes decors for theater and film productions all over Sweden.

2008-2010 Västsvensk Byggkonst.
Director of VSBK, a platform for cooperation between developers, designers, entrepreneurs and artists.

2003-06 Byggnadsvård Nääs.
Course leader at Byggnadsvård Nääs in various painting techniques.

2016-17 on behalf of the University of Gothenburg I have written a handbook for the future mural painters

2009-10 initiator and co-worker in the research assignment – gender equality in the painting industry.

2005 teacher for the decorators at Gothenburg city theater.

Special training for major design and art assignments

2001-03 Qualified vocational school in different painting techniques


2005 Certified colourist

1986 Art science 20p


Building whith care, Nääs craft register