For me there is no difference between the life I live and the work I do as an artist. They are only different means of expression, about the same thing. Sometimes these events occur in “reality” before the art takes place, and sometimes it’s the other way around – through art I can obtain processes that I wish in my own life.  You could call it magic but at the same time it’s very rational. What is reality/imagination? It occurs simultaneously in every human being.

In 2016, I received Västra Götaland’s Cultural award with the motivation
“Through the slow process of tempera painting, Eva Wilm’s work creates a special shimmer. The meeting of the Renaissance’s romantic nature motif and details from the present leads our thoughts to the human perishability in relation to the lasting nature. Self-perceived vulnerability is depicted by an older painting technique and with a skill that has been worked out for a long time. And we observer are hovering between now and then in a feeling of  near and long ago”

The driving force to express myself in images is based on my need to process and tell about my own life and thereby also reflect “others”
At the moment, I work with a series of pictures of my childhood in the 60-70’s where I experiment scaling off the motives so much that something timelessly takes over. I see our lives and relationships as “unique replays” throughout the history.

I also work with large murals, restorations and theater productions since 18 years. Therefore, my large experience and knowledge in materials and techniques.


The techniques I use is tempera, drawing and gilding in different combinations. My special skill is older painting techniques (such as translucent painting) wich I am combining with contemporary expressions. I have received attention in these respects, through prizes, jury-rated exhibitions and in the media. My art is represented at several Swedish museums, in the Swedish church and at the National art foundation which, for example, have been placed in the Swedish government.

I am careful not locking myself into one art form. I want to stay open for any way of expression I find suiting for my needs. I am interested in the way gold can make a picture “leap” to another dimension.
Old icons always had a big impact on me. I experiment and discover how I can use gold in new ways.
Sometimes I use the icon as an art form to express what’s “holy/imp0rtant” for me.