Dresdens internationella kortfilmfestival

Posted on apr 20, 2023

Dokumentärfilmen om mig och min barndomsvän, Ramona, visas på olika filmfestivaler världen över och har vid flera tillfällen fått fina utmärkelser.
Regissör är Minka Jakerson och producent https://cinenicfilm.se/eva-and-ramona/

Swedish Eva and East German Ramona meet in the summer of 1971 as ten-year-olds in the former GDR. They form a lifelong friendship across the border between East and West. Later, their friendship is banned by Stasi. Despite the strong bond between Eva and Ramona, there are unresolved issues between them and Eva decides to invite Ramona to Sweden. Eva – who was bullied as a child in Sweden felt like a queen in the former GDR – while Ramona felt like a grey mouse. Through Eva’s and Ramona’s friendship, our understanding of how Soviet communism and the wall between East and West affected the individual’s most private sphere – self-esteem – deepens. We follow a visual journey through time and space where documentary scenes in the present are mixed with archive material and dramatised memories from Eva and Ramona’s past.jag och ramona film